Rates Go Up as FedEx Earnings Impacted by Cyberattack

If it wasn’t for the cyberattack on TNT global operations, FedEx would have delivered another solid earnings report. However, much of the earnings discussion focused on this risk that now takes its place among the top supply chain concerns for all global companies. FedEx estimated a $300 million negative impact on its FedEx Express division […]

Irma Leaves Downed Trees and Flooding in the Southeast, Halting Deliveries

Just a little more than a week after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Hurricane Irma rolled over Caribbean islands including Antigua, Barbadu, British, US Virgin Islands and Cuba before barreling into Florida with strong winds and rain. The huge storm spanned more than the width of the state, affecting all infrastructure and halting deliveries. Ports and […]

Tis the (Peak) Season for Packages – Are You Ready?

A record summer of imports into the US’ ports and positive retail sales for the past four months bodes well for the upcoming holiday season. E-Marketer Research Company expects this year’s total holiday retail sales to grow 3.1% year-over-year with e-commerce sales climbing by 16.6% this year. Indeed, expectations are high for retailers and could […]

Harvey Lingers Over the Houston Area

Slamming into the Texas coast as a category 4 storm the evening of August 25, the now downgraded hurricane continues to wreak havoc in the Houston area with flooding. The humanitarian impact of this storm is numbing, with as many 30,000 needing shelter according to FEMA estimates. The likelihood of this estimate increasing further is strong […]

Is the Walmart-Google Express Partnership a Game Changer?

What’s been described as a David and Goliath battle, Walmart’s partnership with Google is directly targeting Amazon in hopes of gaining e-commerce market share. Separately, Walmart and Google have played catch up to the e-commerce behemoth resulting in some success for Walmart and retrenchment for Google To speed up the competition, Google will begin to […]

Tackling Returns before the Holiday Season

The Achilles heel for many retailers is returns management. According to the National Retail Federation, the amount of merchandise returned increased 52% from $171 billion in 2007 to $260 billion in 2015, or 8% of all purchases. During the holiday season, the NRF notes that returns as a percentage of purchases jumps to 10%. Gartner […]

Back to School Spending on the Rise

The month of August means back to school for many children and teenagers, and preparation for this annual event usually means big bucks for retailers. The National Retail Federation (NRF) expects total spending to increase 10% from 2016 to $75.8 billion. Much of this increase is attributed to back-to-college spending, which is expected to reach […]

UPS’ Coyote Logistics Leads Supply Chain Division in Double-Digit Growth

Last week’s earnings announcement proved that UPS’ investments are paying off for the delivery giant. For the second quarter, revenue was up 7.7% to $15,750 million and operating profit was up 8.7% to $2,216 million. All divisions noted good gains with the Supply Chain and Freight division reporting double-digit revenue and operating profit growth. Indeed, […]

FedEx Office Bids Farewell to Canada

Disappointing news from FedEx as it was announced that the company would close its 24 FedEx Offices, the FedEx Office manufacturing plant and the FedEx Office head office in Toronto. In total over 200 employees will be displaced. The stores offer a range of business services including copying, printing, office supplies, package services and as […]

Amazon Declares Prime Day 2017 a Success

“The Prime Day 2017 event grew by more than 60% compared to same 30 hours last year, and sales growth by small businesses and entrepreneurs was even higher,” stated the Amazon press release. The third annual retailer designated holiday comes at a point in which Amazon is feeling the heat from Walmart, Alibaba and others […]

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